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Your Upper Midwest Cessna Caravan Sales Specialists for a Global Market!

Cessna Grand Caravan

CESSNA GRAND CARAVAN - Living up to its name, the Grand Caravan delivers exceptional performance. In ISA conditions at sea level it climbs at 975 fpm (297 m/m) and cruises at speeds up to 184 knots (341 km/hr). Maybe that's why the Caravan is the go-to aircraft for both business and pleasure. Whether it's reaching far-away customers or reaching out to your son through fly-fishing, the Grand Caravan is more than up to the challenge. And even with all the available seating, this extraordinary aircraft can change roles quickly by converting to a cargo hauler in less than 30 minutes, doubling its duty and more than earning its keep.

CESSNA CARAVAN AMPHIBIAN - Every day, Caravan Amphibians bring civilization to corners of the earth that have never even thought of having a traditional runway. And, every day, hunters, anglers and other outdoorsmen use the Caravan to escape civilization entirely. So, go ahead. Load it up with a generous amount of baggage and passengers. Stuff even more gear into the enormous, sturdy floats. Lift off and fly at speeds in excess of 162 knots (300 km/hr) for more than 500 nautical miles (925 km). Your Caravan can take it.

CESSNA CARAVAN 675 - Nothing matches the versatility, fuel-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the Caravan 675. That's why Caravan is the smart choice of operators around the world who are looking for a true workhorse aircraft. For them, the Caravan 675 sets the standard for flexibility and performance for the entire Caravan line. Specially designed for the abuse of unimproved runways, the 675 can go where other aircraft only dream of going. That's why Caravan is the preferred aircraft for transporting people and cargo around the world. 

With over 75 Cessna Caravans sold in the past 16 years and with all of our experience, ASI Jet Sales is here to help with all of your Caravan needs!



ASI JET is the new FBO at HUTCHINSON AIRPORT (KHCD) - NOW OPEN!  JET A and 100LL Fuel, Aircraft Maintenance, and FBO Services.

Hutchinson Municipal Airport (KHCD)

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ASI Jet Sales opened in 1983 as a used aircraft dealer under the name ASI-Aero Services Inc. Then in 1984 we became a Mooney Aircraft dealer, in 1985 a Piper Aircraft dealer, in 1995 a Cessna Single engine dealer, and in 2001 a Diamond Aircraft dealer.

We have a tremendous amount of experience with Diamond Aircraft, Piper Aircraft, Mooney Aircraft, Beechcraft Aircraft, Cessna Aircraft and More.  Having done hundreds of Aircraft transactions and with over 37 years of combined aircraft sales experience, We have what it takes to help you Buy your next aircraft or Sell your current one!


ASI Jet Sales is here to help you find the pre-owned jet or turbine powered aircraft that fits your needs. Consult with one of our Aircraft Sales Representatives to start filtering through a multitude of options. With over 20 years of experience in the jet market and over 16 years as one of Cessna's Top Dealers for the Caravan line, we have the resources and the knowledge to provide first class service to help you make your decision.